5 Days of War 2011

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5 Days of War 2011  

5 Days of War 2011

Director   Renny Harlin
Writer   Mikko Alanne, David Battle
Runtime   106 min

5 Days of War is a 2011 action drama film directed by Renny Harlin. The screenplay was written by Mikko Alanne and David Battle.

5 Days of War starts with a scene in Iraq where the Georgian contingent of the coalition forces saves the life of an American reporter Thomas Anders.

He returns to Los Angeles but soon goes to Georgia on the advice of some of his friends in Tbilisi, who suspect that a large conflict is brewing.

Along with his cameraman Sebastian, gets into Georgian life as conflict escalates and they get caught in the crossfire.

5 Days of War Release Date: 19 August 2011 - USA

Genre: Action Drama War
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5 Days of War 2011

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