Let the Game Begin 2010

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Let the Game Begin 2010  

Let the Game Begin 2010

Director   Amit Gupta
Writer   Amit Gupta
Runtime   110 min

Let the Game Begin - Tripp is an average frustrated chump, who comes up with a golden idea. He partners with Gary, a Wall Street wheeler and dealer, and brings his cousin, Rowan, on-board to help with his business. As Tripp and Rowan journey together for business, Tripp learns about Rowan`s extraordinary skills- skills in attracting women.

The duo realizes that business and relationships today have a lot in common. Tripp learns Rowan`s game and begins closing on business deals. But the problem is, Tripp is married.

As the business grows to be worth millions, Tripp realizes that there are many players around him who want a piece of the gold. He must decide to either fight for the gold, or find love, with his new found knowledge of the game.

Let the Game Begin Release Date: 17 January 2010 - Turkey

Genre: Comedy Drama
  Box Office
Action | Adventure | Animation | Comedy | Crime | Documentary | Drama | Horror | Musical | Romance | Sci Fi | Thriller | War | Western

Let the Game Begin 2010

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