The Rift 2012

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The Rift 2012  

The Rift 2012

Director   Robert Kouba
Writer   Tasha Lowe-Newsome, Yuell Newsome
Runtime   96 min

The Rift is a 2012 science fiction thriller film. The Rift is directed by Robert Kouba, based on a screenplay written by Tasha Lowe-Newsome and Yuell Newsome.

The Rift tells the story of a Russian physicist who started to study a phenomenon which was occurring since several decades.

In 1982 he found an answer to this phenomenon but before he could tell anyone he mysteriously vanished.

30 years later, in Newell Iowa, Dean Hollister seems to be a normal guy until strange radar anomalies appear throughout the world!

The Rift Release Date: 7 June 2012 - USA

Genre: Sci Fi Thriller
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The Rift 2012

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