The Thing 2011

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The Thing 2011  

The Thing 2011

Director   Matthijs van Heijningen Jr
Writer   John W. Campbell Jr, Ronald D. Moore
Runtime   101 min

The Thing is an 2011 science fiction film directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., and written by Eric Heisserer.

Paleontologist Kate Lloyd and her two assistants Davida Morris and Adam Goodman join a Norwegian scientific team that has stumbled across a crashed extraterrestrial spaceship buried in the ice of Antarctica. They discover a creature that seems to have died in the crash eons ago, The Thing.

When an experiment frees the alien from its frozen prison, they join the crew`s pilot, Carter, to keep it from killing and imitating them one at a time, using its uncanny ability to mimic any life form it absorbs through digestion, and potentially reaching civilization.

The Thing Release Date: 14 October 2011 - USA

Genre: Horror Sci Fi
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The Thing 2011

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