Womb 2010

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Womb 2010  

Womb 2010

Director   Benedek Fliegauf
Writer   Benedek Fliegauf
Runtime   111 min

Womb is a 2010 romantic drama sci-fi film. Womb is directed and written by Benedek Fliegauf.

Womb tells the story of a pregnant woman who tells her unborn child that the father has departed for good, but that together they will start a new life.

A love story is then told between two children, Rebecca and Tommy, who swear each other eternal love.

When Rebecca departs suddenly for Japan, the two are separated. Twelve years later she returns and they begin a new relationship.

Womb Release Date: 30 March 2012 - USA

Genre: Drama Romance Sci Fi
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Womb 2010

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