Iko Uwais

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Iko Uwais  

Iko Uwais

Birth Name   Uwais Qorny
Place of birth   Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth   12 February 1983
Nickname   Iko Uwais
Height   5` 10" (1.79 m)

Iko Uwais is an Indonesian martial arts actor. Iko Uwais is of the Betawi descent. He has been learning Indonesian traditional martial art, Pencak Silat, since he was 10 years old at his uncle`s Silat school, Tiga Berantai, which uses the distinctive Betawi style of Silat.

In 2003, Iko Uwais won third place at the Jakarta Provincial Tournament. In 2005, he won first place at the National Silat Championship as the best performer in the demonstration category. Apart from Silat, his main interest was soccer.

Once a midfielder in an Indonesian B-League soccer club, Iko Uwais has stopped his dream of becoming a soccer star after his club went bankrupt. Meanwhile his Silat skill has given Iko chances to travel abroad in several Silat exhibitions in the United Kingdom, Russia, Laos, Cambodia and France.


Man of Tai Chi (2013)
The Raid (2011)

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Iko Uwais

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