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Neal McDonough  

Neal McDonough

Birth Name   Neal McDonough
Place of birth   Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA
Date of birth   23 February 1966
Height   6` (1.83 m)

Neal McDonough is an American film, television and voice actor. Neal McDonough won the Best Actor Dramalogue for Away Alone. He has made many television and film appearances since then, including Band of Brothers, Star Trek: First Contact, Minority Report and The Hitcher.

Neal McDonough played Dave Williams on the fifth season of Desperate Housewives. He was set to star in the upcoming ABC dramedy Scoundrels, but was fired for refusing to do sex scenes for the show. Neal McDonough credits his family and his Catholic faith for his decision.

Neal McDonough portrays the role of Jesus in The Truth & Life Dramatized audio New Testament Bible, a 22-hour, celebrity-voiced, audio New Testament.


Red 2 (2013)
The Philly Kid (2012)
Ticking Clock (2011)
Captain America The First Avenger (2011)

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Neal McDonough

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